Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Art, Video Games, & Dulling the Pain

I recently had a realization about the role of leisure in my life. I've been guilty of using video games to dope up my brain. That's a hyperbolic way of saying it, but I mean it. I crowded my brain so that I wouldn't have to think, and I mean really think: to get in there and confront all of the unpleasantness that life invariably holds. To confront the tragedy of wasted potential that my life could easily become.

I owe my reawakening to a few things:

Rediscovery of Music

On the deepest level, this was the first breath of change. I listened to my favorites playlist over and over again, of course, but one day I realized how little music I had purchased compared to former years (I owned enough recordings, I told myself). I purchased a set of nice speakers, and since then there's been a steady trickle of new music into my life, which has been a surprisingly psychologically healthy exploration for me. My mood has lifted and my appreciation of art and of life have grown.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Against Heterophobia

I've noticed a shift in my feelings toward straight couples. Though I would never have described my feelings as phobic, they could be...dismissive. I'm not talking about humor or teasing, but a psychologically veiled dismissal that I'm still trying to parse.

Was I jealous of the ease with which I assumed they could date and marry? Was I trying to reduce the value of the traditional family to justify myself? Was I simply trying to cope with being different?

I've been thinking about my place in the world. Listening to different opinions is something I value; I don't want to get stuck intellectually.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

YouTube Recommendations: Shameless Edition

I could talk about how YouTube and new media are a revolution in communication, but instead I'll try to summarize my favorite creators in one sentence.


FanboyFlicks: This subdued Canadian humorously describes terrible films, many of which you've probably never heard of.

I Hate Everything: Despite the dour British exterior, IHE manages to provide thoughtful criticism of questionable movies, video games, and cultural trends.

JonTronShow: One of my first loves of YouTube, JonTron has amassed a significant catalog of hilarious video game and film reviews with ever increasing production quality that make his uploads worth the wait.

ralphthemoviemaker: Ralph is a talented filmmaker with a sarcastic wit who reviews films, especially ones that deserve harsher criticism.

Sardonicast: This is a movie podcast with Ralph, IHE, and YMS that is too good for this world.

videogamedunkey: A remarkably creative video game reviewer that uses absurdism and satire to make his point far better than a literal review ever could.

YourMovieSucksDOTorg: The sharp witted YMS is the best movie reviewer I've seen, making incredibly entertaining and well-edited content from even the most terrible films.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Breitbart Readers Own the H0mos

I read the comments on a Breitbart article that criticizes the 2017 film Call Me By Your Name for depicting a romance between two bisexual men ages 17 and 24. I may not have found the levelheaded conversation to be had about legal consent, but I did find something that invokes a wonderment all its own.


The film industry? Not fans, Breitbart readers:
Whenever and ANYTIME homosexual scene just appears in the middle of a movie and/or a series....my channel gets changed. [...] They only throw scenes like that in to try and assimilate people, that things like this is "okay"....but it's not and NEVER has been!
The first response noted that "I am the same, I instantly shut off that repulsive vomit-inducing filth." Another joined in,
"...if a series we are watching, decides midstream to throw a gay couple in, like SuperGirl, for example, thats it. Channel is turned. Me and mine will NEVER think homosexuality is normal! God doesn't make mistakes!!
Well, one could perhaps argue that he did, dear commentator. Another reader described similar sentiments:
Boycott, no need for cable, save some money, I cut mine two years ago, haven't see a theater Movie in a few years. All Marxist Propaganda, and Anti White inserted in nearly every film, sitcom, commercial. Degenerate homosexual agenda to capture more little boy, Trans Freaks, I've tuned out, other than Tucker Carlson, free on YouTube at my convenience.
Well, it's nice that she gives Tucker Carlson a pass.

No worries, evil Western media is "being replaced by Bollywood and anime." Indeed, "It's funny a lot of people don't realize how many strong conservative values are represented in some animes." My mistake - I didn't realize the gayest export of Japan was chocked full of conservatism, but there you have it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Stupidest Ideology" Continues to be Goal of Gay Debate

Article 1: "Piers Akerman: Hypocrisy is the Winner in the Same Sex Marriage Debate"

This is a fascinating emotional appeal from conservative columnist Piers Akerman. He throws out a populist line about the Australian public, who will soon vote on marriage equality, having a longer memory than gay rights advocates credit them. There is some irony here, since he goes on to make a number of arguments that anyone paying attention to the gay rights debate could easily debunk.

a) Marriage equality is equivalent to discarding traditional marriage

He cites Masha Gessen (mistakenly printed as Marsha in the article) and her ideas about how marriage should change or be discarded. To my eye, Masha is advocating for typical feminist/leftist ideas. Conservative news sources pounced on this and interpreted it as the MYSTERIOUS AND POWERFUL GAY LOBBY admitting their true intent. Assuming that support for gay marriage is equivalent to extreme feminist propaganda is naive at best.

Support for marriage equality is an expansion of the definition of marriage. It does not nullify or discard traditional marriage. Indeed, if traditionalists were a bit smarter, they could easily ride the marriage equality train with the goal of strengthening all marriages, lowering the rate of divorce, and advocating for responsible sexual conduct. 

b) Gay marriage will have impending negative consequences