Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Islam is Gay?

Amrou Al-Kadhi writes for the Independent that “Jahed Choudhury, 24 – who identifies as both gay and Muslim – married his partner in an Islamic ceremony, even though his family refused to attend.” He goes on to admit his family would also decline to attend his wedding, no matter how steeped in Islamic tradition it was. He says his relationship with his parents fell apart when they discovered his sexuality and tried to reform him. He writes that “this felt much more to do with their cultural association with Islam – their fear of what relatives would think – rather than anything to do with Islamic scripture.”

Yeah, why would you think it had anything to do with Islamic scripture? Cultural association with Islam has nothing to do with the Quran, just like Christian culture has nothing to do with the Bible. And by that I mean, I call bullshit. You can’t pretend the ceremony is primarily religious and the homophobia is primarily cultural.